Red Army

Red Army ★★★★½

The compelling true story of the Russian hockey team during the Cold War and the events surrounding the "Russian Five's" defect to the US to play in the NHL and the controversy surrounding the events leading up to that decision. As a hockey fan, this documentary was captivating and immersed me into the history of something I knew a bit about but not the full story. It's a great story for any audience though and all the interviews felt real and everyone seemed passionate to tell the most complete story they could. The balance between interviews, archived footage and exposition was done very well and the film never had a dull moment.
A good documentary that I won't mind revisiting when it is released on VOD.
On a side note, I had a chance to see Adam Sandler's new film The Cobbler that was only showing in Tampa (about two hours from where I live in Orlando) or see this film(which was showing in Orlando), but felt I shouldn't give Sandler another cent of my hard earned money. I think I made the right choice.

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