The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild ★★★

The Call of the Wild is a Chris Sanders directed film based on the 1903 Jack London novel that yes, does have a CGI dog center stage in Buck, a St Bernard that is stolen from a home and goes on a journey to find where he belongs. 
While I knew many that were put off by the CGI dog, I got over it quickly and got invested in Buck’s plight and easily became immersed in the story as Buck encounters new people and animals and overcomes new obstacles and it was so heartwarming to watch.
Harrison Ford also brought a great performance to his role of this broken man who may need Buck more than the other way around and this is one of the best Ford performances in years as he works so well off a CGI animal and his character brings this depth of emotion to the story that just added so much to Buck’s tale as well.
The only aspect of the story that didn’t work was a villain played by Dan Stevens who plays this prospector looking for gold that think Ford is hiding it and his inclusion feels shoehorned in to give Ford an obstacle but overall it really doesn’t detract too much from the film. 
Call of the Wild is a good family film about a dog going on this journey, overcoming obstacles along the way and just making a great story audiences of any age can enjoy.

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