The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

A stirring continuation of the Corleone family started in the 1972 original, Godfather part two follows Vito Corleone's (DeNiro) rise to power along with Michael's(Pacino)descent into the dark mob world mentality and may actually be better than the original that is so iconic in its own right. Gordon Willis's cinematography is breathtaking and the music from Nino Rota just breaths life into every scene, but the power of Pacino's performance is the driving force of the film and his essence holds the film together. The great story of Mario Puzo is so captivating and the performances just make the film work on so many levels.
Exactly what a sequel should be.
My Take: It will be hard to beat Godfather Pt2 as the best sequel of all time and in my opinion no sequel is better out there yet (and I do know of the existence of T2 among other good sequels).

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