The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man ★★★★

Blumhouse once again knocks a great low budget horror film of out the park and Elizabeth Moss gives one of her best performances to date. She gives such a layered performance showing both strength and vulnerability. There is also so much tension in this film thanks to the cast giving such great performances and such well shot cinematography especially noting that often the actors are working off nothing and make it look legit when they’re in fights with the invisible man.
The story turns somewhat implausible toward the end with the twist and turns and some character decisions do come into question the further what is transpired in the film reveals itself but that shouldn’t take away from what is a clever thriller with some horror scares that are definitely effective.
Hopefully we get more films like this in the Monsters universe and less like 2017s the Mummy and 2014s Dracula Untold.

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