Weathering with You

Weathering with You ★★★½

Weathering With You is that latest film from director Makoto Shinkai whose 2016 film Your Name which such a phenomenal film and while this film has the same look and feel, the overall story didn't engage me as much as its predecessor that really did have a lot of heart in the story.
The story of a boy who meets a girl that can manipulate the weather with her emotions seems like it wouldn't but like the body swapping in Your Name plausibility can be somewhat forgotten when the outlandish aspect of the story shows itself to be a way to bring out bigger themes: in Weathering the theme being transitioning into adulthood.
Comparing these two films is really comparing two amazing films next to each other. Both are great stories told with amazing visually, but I found myself less engaged with Weathering With You than Your Name or any Miyazaki film, but it's still really good and a good entry point for those wanting to dip their toes into Japanese animation.

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