Joel has written 4 reviews for films rated ★½ during 2020.

  • Underwater



    Underwater has hints of the Abyss, Aliens and Sphere when it keeps whats lurking in the water at a distance and has this cerebral feel to the story while Kristen Stewart, Vincent Cassel and even TJ Miller excel in this survival situation they're in as they are dealing with the elements and scenarios they encounter(air supply, broken machinery etc) but when what is in the water is revealed, it quickly becomes reminiscent of the Meg and not in the best…

  • Dolittle



    The latest adaptation of the Dr Dolittle story wrote by Hugh Lofting, Dolittle continues to show Hollywood doesn't know what to do with Robert Downing Jr outside of the MCU. Dolittle has this lighthearted nature to it that has a story that keeps Dolittle and his furry friends moving through their quest in a good pace that will keep young children entertained along with many good actors doing voices they will like as well.
    Unfortunately, the humor(mostly revolving around animal…

  • The Rhythm Section

    The Rhythm Section


    The Rhythm Section is a revenge story led by a great performance by Blake Lively that could have benefitted from a more dynamic story instead of the predictable by the numbers plot that telegraphs every move the story takes and does so in such a meandering pace.
    Blake Lively is putting in some great work here as her intensity in the action scenes feels real, the vulnerability in the more dramatic scenes feels earned and her chemistry with many of…

  • Impractical Jokers: The Movie

    Impractical Jokers: The Movie


    So caveat on this but I’d never seen an episode of this show, but after watching this movie I probably won’t. The four guys do have some decent chemistry but they hardly on screen together. What we get is a bland story only there to make this cinematic length and to hold all this bits together that were hit or miss at best. Most of the humor was really dumb but I did find myself laughing at times. The overall…