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  • The Grudge

    The Grudge

    January horror films are usually not good and this continues the tradition with this loose blending of several stories of this entity terrorizing them because of their connection to the cursed house and it has a great cast (with John Cho, Lin Shaye, Betty Gilpin, Demian Bichir, Jackie Weaver and William Sadler among others) and give them nothing to do. The stories are all predictable full of jump scares, cliche horror imagery and scenes that come off as laughingly bad…

  • Like a Boss

    Like a Boss

    Like A Boss has great actresses in Tiffany Haddish, Rose Bryne and Salma Hayek that have proven before to be great in comedy roles but the story and humor they given just doesn't turn out to be funny at all and often times is often cringeworthy. Jennifer Coolidge and Billy Porter had more to work with as far as the comedy is concerned and are actually funny but are only in a few scenes with Porter's best scene being placed…

  • Brahms: The Boy II

    Brahms: The Boy II

    The sequel to the 2016 original The Boy that replaces Lauren Cohan with Katie Holmes(to lesser acting success) and takes the bizarre events of the original and retcons them to add this supernatural element to Brahms the doll.
    The dream sequences and jump scares continue to drag down the franchise along with the bland acting from Katie Holmes and it assumes the audience has seen the first movie as the doll just appears with no explanation of what Brahms is,…

  • Fantasy Island

    Fantasy Island

    Fantasy Island is a Blumhouse horror that misses the boat on almost every level imaginable. The story of an island that gives you what you wish for but not as you intended and this is a perfectly fine premise(the tv show lasted seven seasons) but the story quickly turned into this slasher movie and every twist and turn was more absurd than the last.
    The cast also didn't mesh well together as Lucy Hale and Maggie Q brought more dramatic…

  • Replicas


    Replicas is a by the number science fiction film that never really delves into any of the interesting ideas, never seems to care about giving the audience a reason to care for the characters( Alice Eve is severely misused and any interesting story arch the movie builds is instantly forgotten about) and instead relies on generic action fare( chase scenes that are shot so flat that it looks terrible) that make Replicas seem like any other sci-fi film. 
    The movie…

  • Escape Room

    Escape Room

    Escape Room is a PG13 version of Saw mixed with these puzzles that are popular in these escape rooms all across the country. While the designs of some of the rooms are intriguing and elements of the story can be thrilling at times, Escape Room comes off as disposable action fare thanks to many average performances from the cast with Deborah Ann Woll and Logan Miller being standout exceptions but most characters coming off as one dimensional and while the story raises interesting questions, it fails to deliver any satisfying answers and generally falls flat as a whole.
    Consensus: Standard January fare: underwhelming thriller.

  • My Friend Dahmer

    My Friend Dahmer

    My Friend Dahmer tells the story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer leading up to his first killing, showing his home life, his interactions at school and tries to show the mindset behind why he would become a killer to begin with.
    The story devolves into standard serial killer lore but fails to really paint a picture that would lead to the man he would become. Ross Lynch gives a decent performance as Dahmer, but is given silly things to do…

  • Transformers: The Last Knight

    Transformers: The Last Knight

    There's not a lot about Last Knight that hasn't been said about every other Transformers film: dumb story telling with over the top CGI transformers fighting each other while the humans meet in scenes that have bad dialogue and groan worthy humor. Throw in Michael Bay circular panning shots, over use of explosion(everything explodes in the Transformers world) and sexplotation of his female characters(this time a 16 year old in Isabela Moner as it seems Bay is going younger and…

  • Nine Lives

    Nine Lives

    A film that looked so absurd that it felt almost too hokey to be real but let me tell you, it's real and it's bad. The story of Tom Brand(Kevin Spacey), a rich businessman that has no time for his family who gets a rude awakening when his consciousness gets transported into a cat. Kevin Spacey's performance feels phoned in and his appearance in scenes also has this shinny CGI look to it like they have to photoshop him looking…

  • Mother's Day

    Mother's Day

    Gary Marshall adds another holiday themed movie to his repertoire that now includes Valentine's Day and New Years Eve and Mother's Day is more of the same: A bunch of A listed actors giving lazy performances in story lines that intersect in a very vanilla cookie cutter kind of way. The interactions between the actors never really organic, the dialogue is either bland or cringe worthy and the humor in this film is just so bad that it just takes…

  • Grimsby


    The Brothers Grimsby is Sasha Baron Cohen doing the same shtick that he's been doing since Bruno(and the Dictator) and it's getting tired now. The movie goes ball to the wall on the raunchy comedy, but a lot of the jokes don't work and the movie keeps the joke running as if the joke goes on long enough it will become funny but it doesn't. Mark Strong is actually more funny in his role than Cohen and his acting keeps…

  • War Room

    War Room

    Once again a story with a message of faith through prayer that could have been a compelling Christian film(it opened in a good amount of theaters) was brought down by subpar performances and really odd humor that wasn't needed and added absolutely nothing to the story. It's oddly paced too with what could have been an intense scene being made void by the terrible acting sucking any intensity out of the scene and the next scene being one of utter…