Joel has written 3 reviews for films rated during 2016.

  • Nine Lives

    Nine Lives

    A film that looked so absurd that it felt almost too hokey to be real but let me tell you, it's real and it's bad. The story of Tom Brand(Kevin Spacey), a rich businessman that has no time for his family who gets a rude awakening when his consciousness gets transported into a cat. Kevin Spacey's performance feels phoned in and his appearance in scenes also has this shinny CGI look to it like they have to photoshop him looking…

  • Mother's Day

    Mother's Day

    Gary Marshall adds another holiday themed movie to his repertoire that now includes Valentine's Day and New Years Eve and Mother's Day is more of the same: A bunch of A listed actors giving lazy performances in story lines that intersect in a very vanilla cookie cutter kind of way. The interactions between the actors never really organic, the dialogue is either bland or cringe worthy and the humor in this film is just so bad that it just takes…

  • Grimsby


    The Brothers Grimsby is Sasha Baron Cohen doing the same shtick that he's been doing since Bruno(and the Dictator) and it's getting tired now. The movie goes ball to the wall on the raunchy comedy, but a lot of the jokes don't work and the movie keeps the joke running as if the joke goes on long enough it will become funny but it doesn't. Mark Strong is actually more funny in his role than Cohen and his acting keeps…