The Nightmare

The Nightmare ★★★★

Sometimes I hear the door opening, a slow creak that ascends in pitch because I'm too goddamn lazy to oil it. I know it's not *actually* opening, that if I turned my head (if I could turn my head) that the door would be closed. Sometimes it's other, less definable sounds: weird factory sounds that belong in a Neurosis album, or voices.

The sounds are terrifying, but manageable. I get those about five-maybe six times a year. Seeing the grinning gnome walk up to my bed was worse. The little girl with the black hole for a face was pretty bad too. I don't see weird shit that often, maybe once or twice a year--usually when I'm stressed or sick.

This movie is one of the closest approximations to it I can think of (though the slow-motion ghost in Kairo comes close) and the weird meta-aspect of the reenactment scenes somehow heightened the nightmare quality of it all.

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