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  • Color Out of Space
  • Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
  • Suspiria
  • The Wild Boys

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  • Falcon Lake

    Falcon Lake


    This is one of those films where I feel like i want to live in the movie. It's just perfect for me. The vibe, the aesthetics, the cinematography, music, use of sound are all done well. Very dreamy, something people who liked Aftersun will also like. One of my personal highlights of the decade so far!

  • Fire of Love

    Fire of Love


    As someone who is passionated by volcanoes theirselves, i totally get what these people feel. This is probably in a way how i envision my dream life to look like, and I recognize many things in the films, even the volcanoes theirselves usually as they're all unique and different. Thank you, Katia and Maurice Krafft for your very important contributions to the field of volcanology and for sharing the passion many of us do.

Recent reviews

  • Whisper of the Heart

    Whisper of the Heart


    Kind of a "nothing happens but the vibes" film, though still with its themes. Not my Ghibli fav but still solid and very good film.

  • Life on Our Planet

    Life on Our Planet


    Well, it's allright, i like it. I guess the series has some strengths and some weaknesses. There might be too much modern day coverage, however the modern day coverage really is good. It's a bit weird in that it has a strange focuses for a paleo series. I do like the lots of focus on paleogeography, the mass extinction events and so on, more than any other paleodocumentary series ever before, including quite some little known niche subjects like the…

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  • Last Life in the Universe

    Last Life in the Universe


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Well, it's a contradiction that such depressive films can be so beautiful. This first Thai film I saw is also wonderful. Dreamy and heavenly cinematography mixed with an equally dreamy score, together with the slowly developing story, make for a very calm, hypnotic but gripping experience and it does so slowly but surely. The movie is slow, but just as a depressed person's motor skills are slow, so does this movie, turning slowness into splendor. Despite the fact that the…

  • Come True

    Come True


    I really love this movie. It seems somewhat simple initially, but it turns out to be a very complicated movie, like only directors like Lynch or the Cronenberg could do. But this enables me to not lose track of what happens, even if the entire movie might turn out to be confusing which makes it very suitable for endless rewatches.

    The style is absolutely bonkers. Loved it. Great score, which seems to remind the scores of the latest Refn movies, with some slight differences which fits this story even better. But the colouring & cinematography are great as well, and fit the story.