Scream ★★★★★

whoever had the idea of ​​unsubscribing a certain someone from life, i will tell my therapist about you (i'm pretty sure you made my chair neighbor at the theater cry, he was deeply hurt, so i hugged him and then he got down on his knees, asked me to marry him, we did it and now we are on our way to our honeymoon in paris)

ps: right before the movie started, a voice loud asf coming from the speakers asked us the first rule to not die in a horror movie, i instantly thought that at any moment ghostface would show up and stab me (if i died days before my birthday i would be SO pissed) bc of course i said "do not have sex" and i was
sorely mistaken lol the correct answer was "do not try to guess the end of the movie" 👁👄👁

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