The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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This review may contain spoilers.

alexa play earned it by the weeknd.

1) this episode just became my comfort episode: it has sam's nephews, bucky all smiley flirting with sarah (i must say that i'm jealous) but where's the scene where the kids are hanging on bucky's vibranium arm???? also torres, i almost forgot his pretty face cause marvel is not feeding me enough, we need more torres scenes.

2) can we get like a spin-off of sam and bucky fixing boats??? that looked exactly like a romantic comedy, the soundtrack, the montages, the lighting, straight out from john green's novels.

3) why am i only discovering now that this man's married? did i lost any episode? did i not read between the lines? i'm so confused. not me almost humanizing john walker.

4) as much as it would be a honor to own such a iconic title i agree with isaiah when he said that no black man should take the offer, we are very aware of the system and how they treat poc, so why would a black man want to represent america when america
clearly marginalizes, don't respect/protect and execute all the minorities?

they will never let a black man be captain america.

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