The Revenant ★★★★

Possibly one of the most beautiful movies ever filmed. Yet at the same time has elements of body horror as we witness Leonardo DiCaprio‘s character, Hugh Glass, suffer attacks from nature and people throughout the entire film. The contrast between the spectacular landscapes and the protagonist’s mangled body gives us an array of sensations throughout the film. 

Essentially a revenge western, personally I love films that don’t romanticize frontier life, but that instead show the brutality of nature and the hostility of a lawless land. 

The director, Alejandro González Iñárritu, constantly uses tracking shots in long takes to highlight violence and chaos, but more importantly to give the audience a character’s point of view of the action. 

Tom Hardy truly stands out among the cast. I’ll watch anything Hardy works in, but DiCaprio definitely earned his Oscar in this film. 

Interestingly, Korean director Park Chan-wook (Oldboy), was considered with Samuel L. Jackson possibly to star. 

The film could have been shorter and have easily been brought down to the two hour mark. However, It’s a movie everyone should watch at least once.