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  • Crash


    "Always already a cultural sign, the body sets limits to the imaginary meanings that it occasions, but is never free of an imaginary construction. The fantasised body can never be understood in relation to the body as real; it can only be understood in relation to another culturally instituted fantasy, one which claims the place of the "literal" and the "real." The limits to the "real" are produced within the naturalised heterosexualisation of bodies in which physical facts serve as causes and desires reflect the inexorable effects of that physicality."

    -- Judith Butler, Gender Trouble, pg. 71.

  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Ended up very taken by this, to the point where it seems to me the strongest Tarantino film aside from PULP FICTION - JACKIE BROWN. At first it was a matter of sinking into the playful narration and pacing of the film. The annotations in the first scene are a little clumsy, but as it shifted into detailing 'a day in the life of...', with great sensitivity to how overlapping stories create an overall rhythm, it became much more appealing.…

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  • Burning



    Burning is my second Lee Chang-dong film, after Secret Sunshine; he seems to me an uneven filmmaker who reaches quite powerful effects in sometimes clumsy, sometimes even distasteful ways. Burning, like the earlier film, has a delirium-inducing approach to narrative and length, constantly shifting and changing until you feel uncertain about what you’re seeing and what you’ve seen. It would seem that in it's thriller adjacent material Lee has a fitting subject for his style, but I think actually the…

  • My Darling Clementine

    My Darling Clementine


    In MY DARLING CLEMENTINE, Ford approaches the film's tiny, intimate material in the same poetic mode through which he renders its large, mythic movements - primarily a poeticism of space, atmosphere, faces where the random materials of reality reveal a deeper design and order. This is to say that Monument Valley has never looked quite so forbidding, clouds constantly churning and fog gathering, and we feel an awe in the connection of the largest, most uncontrollable phenomena with a relatively…