Labyrinth of Cinema

Labyrinth of Cinema ★★★★★

Most likely the greatest send off in cinematic history. Movies truly are magic, they can embody so much and it's easy to see that by watching any Ōbayashi movie, especially this. Movies can tell or re-tell any story, create any character, embody every emotion. All of that allows you to lose yourself in what you're seeing as they pass on a deeper understanding and purpose in life. Labyrinth of Cinema is a culmination of everything to love about movies presented on a grand scale, to match how big of an experience the film is. It's very clear that Ōbayashi saw the world differently with the optimism that's sew in to so much of his works, but going one step further and wanting to leave a better world, and help shape that better world for those of the future. When you get down to the core of what this film is, I believe it to be just that, an act of creating a better world. Thank you Ōbayashi <3

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