Last Vegas ★★★

John Turteltaub's greatest achievement here may be his lack of direction because it seems to me these fine actors knew exactly what they needed to do and they just needed to be left alone to do it. I mean the roles where not really a stretch for any of these guys but they did need to make sure that they did not just phone it in and leave us with something very mediocre.

I particularly enjoyed Kevin Kline. I savoured every moment. I need more Kevin Kline in my life.

Robert de Niro has the best face in the business bar none. Every time I see him I'm sure he's my favourite actor of all time.

And speaking of faces - Mary Steenburgen. She looks absolutely gorgeous in this film. What happened in the time between filming this and filming Last Man On Earth barely a year later is beyond me. Plastic surgery man........the bane of fans who love a good face.

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