Tenet ★★★

y’all probably read tons of reviews saying the sound design sucked it will make you feel like you’re drowning in an incessant sub-bass drone — i second to that the audio made too much of the dialogues far too difficult to discern and understand. i wished the movie had captions to let the audience catch up with the fast pacing.

visually it was a treat. the cast was great. music was heart racing. nolan’s best action scenes and was seriously impressive how they choreographed the fights scenes forward and in reverse. i really love the jam-packed action scenes made me think it’s time for nolan to direct a bond movie.

my major issue with tenet however is that the concept is probably one bridge too far for the audience to understand without being walked through it. i think Nolan’s misstep is that he forgets that the audience tries to pick apart every last detail (like the way fans did in inception). tbh, i only got the major plot points but didn't understand most of the logic, motives and science. the movie is relentless and doesn't wait for you to catch your breath so you’ll find yourself overwhelmed.

in comparison to inception, i thought the human element and character focus in tenet was lower than inception which can be a let down for some viewers making the film feel a bit cold. 

there scene where poesy’s character first explains inversion to washington, she even says something along the lines of ‘don’t worry about the how; but think about the what and the why’. maybe the reason “why” this movie is difficult to understand is bc nolan purposely made the movie so confusing, that people had no choice than to go back and watch it a second or third time, just to help make sense of it all! 

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