The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

everybody say thank you yorgos lanthimos for the favourite!!!

this film is honestly so much better than I expected! like wow... it is wonderfully filmed, rather extraordinary. it is bawdy and funny but also very dark & sad. literally never seen anything like it before. brilliant script that is original as is it hilarious. and it's really refreshing to see a movie with such a strong female cast.

the heart of this masterpiece is the a triumvirate of powerhouse performances! olivia colman is absolutely magnificent — a true queen! emma stone is fantastic. this is probably my most favourite emma stone performance by far. and rachel weisz is devastatingly gorgeous! rachel as sarah is definition of big dick energy. oh and I just cant stop thinking about that scene when she choked olivia colman halfway through the film. love it when sarah said something like “sure I’m mean but sometimes I’m lovely so get over it”

I wanna end this review by saying the favourite is so wild and so good and so gay and so weird bless and that rachel weisz in men’s riding and shooting clothes is now my sexuality.

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