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  • Fugitive Pieces

    Fugitive Pieces


    Felt too full of "pull the heartstrings" clichés (especially in the score), which always pushes me away. Also, some of the fragmentation of the story at the beginning not only was not necessary, but may have actually hindered being able to emotionally understand or bond with the characters. So many themes left flat and seemingly underdeveloped (the marriage with the first wife, Athos' book, the relationship with the kid across the hall, even the relationship with the sister). I think…

  • The Woods

    The Woods


    The plot in this one sort of falls apart by the end but the movie is held together by Patricia Clarkson's excellent and subtle acting. Bruce Campbell gets to deliver a few good Bruce Campbell lines late in the film, rummages through a shed for weapons and bungles his way through (almost) saving the day just like you'd expect. That, in itself, is a nice little gift to horror fans.

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  • Age of Consent

    Age of Consent


    Michael Powell's best days were behind him at this point, but it is interesting to see how his later work changed with the times. Probably his last decent film was the even creepier PEEPING TOM (1960). This particular film is probably one of James Mason's worst films as well. Still, it is interesting to see the intersection of those two greats in the late sixties alongside Helen Mirren in one of her earliest roles. Despite the title (and her being…

  • Eyes Without a Face

    Eyes Without a Face


    Classic Franco-Italian horror movie. The pace is painfully slow at times and played almost more like a melodrama, but some of the images will stick with one forever.