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  • Heat



    Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino): 7 years in Folsom. In the hole for 3. McNeil before that. McNeil as tough as they say?

    Neil McCauley (Robert DeNiro): You looking to become a penologist?

    VH: You looking to go back? You know I chase down some crews, guys just looking to fuck up, get busted back. That you?

    NM: You musta worked some dipshit crews.

    VH: I worked all kinds.

    NM: You see me doin thrill-seeking liquor-store hold-ups with a "Born to…

  • A Cure for Wellness

    A Cure for Wellness


    God I hate eels.

    Suffocatingly and achingly meticulous and precise mise-en-scene; and builds on Thomas Mann's Der Zauberberg and Franz Kafka's Das Schloss.

    Verbinski ought to stick to material like this.