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Amy Schumer: her husband is terminally ill. Chris Fischer has Asperger's syndrome. 13. February 2018 married Amy Schumer the chef and author Chris Fischer. Now they are expecting their first Baby. With a people to live together who suffers from autism, is not easy. Often it is difficult for them to interpret feelings and facial expressions of their fellow human beings. Amy Schumer is one of the funniest women in Hollywood. You tried to take the diagnosis of her husband with a sense of Humor. Amy Schumer, 37, has now spoken openly about the Asperger's diagnosis, her husband Chris Fischer, 39, and how the disease affects your life. Who's better? Celebrities in the partner look. Unequal Celebrity Couples. Amy Schumer revealed her husband was diagnosed. Amy Schumer really could not be any happier: a year Ago, you married your dream man Chris Fischer and this spring, are expected to have their first child . But your family will always be a little different than others – the the comedian know. Because her husband is terminally ill. The chef suffers from Asperger's syndrome . I knew from the beginning that the brain of my husband's was a little different than mine, revealed to the blonde now in the Netflix Special, "Amy Schumer Growing", and added: My husband was diagnosed with what is commonly called Asperger's. He has a disorder within the autism spectrum . The Asperger's disease affects your life. That's your favorite is wired differently, remarked the American at one of their first Dates. She fell, but her man not helping her, but froze. I remember that I was on the floor and him looked at. I was not angry, I just thought , Huh?'.

There were a lot of Huh moments, reveals the actress. A from @ amyschumer shared post on Jul 18, 2018 3:37 PM PDT. Chris Fischer could not make up his emotions, often significantly, as the 37-Year-old describes.

The chef always say, what would him straight through the head, without regard for the feelings of others or societal norms – much like the role of "Sheldon Cooper" in "The Big Bang Theory" .

As soon as he was diagnosed, it became clear to me how funny it was, because all the characteristics, which make it clear that he is in the spectrum, are all reasons why I fell in love with him, explained to Amy Schumer in an appearance. Although the 39-Year-old on the Asperger's-suffering syndrome, loves Amy Schumer her husband just as he is. This article might also interest you: