My favorite director is Sebastian Silva, if you know him please tell him to get twitter so I can keep up. I hate stalking his IMDB.

Favorite films

  • Black Girl
  • Center Stage
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
  • Lady Bird

Recent activity

  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding

  • Make Me Famous

  • The Holiday


  • No Time to Die

Recent reviews

  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    Are these accents authentic??

    I absolutely hated the pacing of this and I wish the characters were more developed. Everybody was just a poorly written stereotype. There was no depth to the storyline. 

    It was giving white Mississippi Masala

  • Make Me Famous

    Make Me Famous

    I found the organization of this a bit messy. The film was supposed to focus on Edward Brezinski but a large part of the middle was about other artist.
    The part focusing on the mystery of if he’s dead or not introduced in the middle felt out of place. I was thrown off when the time shift and we were suddenly following the filmmaker visiting Edward’s hometown. Especially because it then shifted back to Edward’s friends and associates discussing the…

Popular reviews

  • Love Wedding Repeat

    Love Wedding Repeat


    How do you make a rom-com and forget the romance and comedy?

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    As the self proclaimed president of the Dev Patel Fan Club, it pains me to say this but I was a little unsatisfied with this. I was shocked when the film ended because I felt like there was a section of the film missing.  

    Dev gave a great performance, I just wish the script matched his talent. I also hated how darkly they chose to film this. I should not have to strain my eyes to see the hotness…