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  • Spirited Away

    Spirited Away

    Surprised at how truly sad I felt for Chihiro-- she was so alone and scared! She couldn't trust anyone! I didn't want her to have to be brave just to be the hero of the story. Beautiful animation and storytelling.

    (We chose this as the first of a theme night selection. The rules: one of us selects a theme in the morning, we each select 3 films that fit that theme, and then roll a dice to figure out which one is the winner. Casey chose "Animation" as the first theme.)

  • Darktown Strutters

    Darktown Strutters

    Cinderella: Syreena? Remember when you were a little girl and you asked me why men get to keep their names when they got married, and women didn't?

    Syreena: Oh yes!

    Cinderella: You remember what I said?

    Syreena: No.

    Cinderella: I don't either, and it's bothering me.

    This is a superhero movie? This is anime? This was beyond great.

    This should definitely be remade with Junglepussy playing Syreena.

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  • Unplanned


    Very obsessed that Christians made a film criticizing Planned Parenthood where "Non-profit is a tax status, not a business model" is a line delivered with literally zero self-awareness or sense of irony. Anyway, this is trash propaganda as expected.

  • Long Shot

    Long Shot

    Potentially-- no exaggeration-- the worst movie I've ever seen. Someone actually had this concept as an idea and then someone paid money to make this, which fills me with rage. I kept thinking it was trying to be a parody of men like Seth Rogen's character but it was actually so serious, making it absolutely mortifying to watch. I hope Charlize's check cleared.