On Her Majesty's Secret Service ★★

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The ‘other guy’ line in the beginning is probably the worst line in any movie. Way to ruin everything even before the opening titles. Which, by the way, are the worst of any Bond movie. The montage scene after Bond ‘quits’ is horrible, too.

The plot is weird. Suddenly, the murderous nemesis of Bond just wants a pardon and a title, but still threatens to kill everything on the planet to get that. Also, he does not recognize Bond even though they just met in the previous movie.

The Bond character portrayed by Lazenby is all wrong. His delivery is subpar, but he still rapid fires stupid jokes throughout the movie. He has a weird need of being a smart ass besserwisser. Basically, Lazenby’s Bond is the silly Sir Hillary even when he’s not. Fundamentally the idea of having Bond impersonating someone else is stupid when you simultaneously switch the actor.

The fight scenes are good, but the editing in them is bit too artsy.

It seems like the idea was to underline all the time how there is a new actor, as if it wouldn’t have been clear. The movie draws attention to all the ways this is not one of those previous movies that the audience liked. Lazenby is not really given chance to establish his version of Bond. It is a good movie deep down, but these problems totally ruin it.