Reviewers Who Would Deserve Many More Followers

This is a list dedicated to some mutual friends who have fewer than 200 followers but who I think would deserve at least 20 times more.
Letterboxd is a wonderful place to get to meet skilled writers. There is a rotation of names that pops up regularly, writers that have hundreds/thousands of followers. It is easier to discover them because their reviews get many likes and they are often featured in the popular reviews/reviewers section. That's all fine.
But – I do feel a great number of skilled writers are severely underrepresented. I follow several people who have fewer than 200 followers but who turn out some of the best writing I've seen. I often find myself wondering: my god,…

  • The Beauty

    The Beauty


    Maya's style is balm for the soul. Her writing is most gentle. She approaches the movies she watches with empathy and openness. She writes poetry in prose. Her writing floats, peaceful, contemplative. Reading her reviews is an experience. They transport you to a faraway place, to somewhere beautiful where everyone is good to each other and where love for your fellow humans reigns. Maya is to be protected at all costs. She is a writer whose tender and selfless personality reverberates in every word of hers. And my god, are her words powerful.

  • Mirror



    Carter tackles all the movies I get the shivers just thinking about writing on. He writes with an eloquence I can only ever hope to achieve. He is the most well-spoken writer I follow on Letterboxd. It is evident he puts much thought and research into his reviews. He seems to be always in top form; there is never one misplaced word or a half-heartedly written sentence. Carter is devoted, committed, and his love for cinema shines. His writing inspires me to watch the most challenging movies I would be afraid to without his words.

  • Hiroshima Mon Amour

    Hiroshima Mon Amour



    Zig is the king of timing. He would deny it but he has the best timing –
    both dramatic and comedic – out of all the people I follow on Letterboxd. His writing glides smoothly, without any hitch. He even makes it look easy, which is further testament to his skill. He writes in short paragraphs that are accessible and have insane momentum. His words are simultaneously direct and metaphorical. He doesn't talk in riddles but his writing is infused with all the metaphorical beauty my poetry-parched soul yearns for. I love Zig's writing because it cuts with its directness and caresses with its poetry.

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  • Taste of Cherry

    Taste of Cherry



    Oliver... I'm speechless when it comes to Oliver. I have no idea how to express the transcendence of his writing. Just read his review on Taste of Cherry and you'll feel the same way. Oliver is a gem.

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  • Vampyr




    HB is the writer on whose reviews I phrase and rephrase my comments a hundred times before posting, for fear of sounding silly. He has just that extensive a knowledge of cinema. Every era, every genre – HB has something valuable to contribute. He phrases it most eloquently too. He is the best combo of knowledgeable and talented writer. He is able to find a unique approach to every movie. HB is the writer whose reviews make me reflect the most.

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  • Three Colors: Blue

    Three Colors: Blue



    Anthony is my favorite humanist. He writes both from a personal and an analytical point of view. He is able to pick up on the imperceptible, the intangible. He plays the instrument of human nature and a music whose notes flow with emotion and grace. You can't help but connect to Anthony's writing. It is genuine, magnetic, and so very human.

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  • The Ascent

    The Ascent



    Abhishek is the expert on non-American cinema. He writes concise reviews that are perceptive in their analysis and personal in their connection between viewer and film. His writeups have contributed to my adding countless new entries to my watchlist. If you look for recommendations on non-American arthouse cinema, Abhishek's writing is the way to go. 

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  • Samurai Rebellion

    Samurai Rebellion



    Tyler is the all-around solid writer. He writes consistently and his writing is consistently good. He is methodical, precise. He always highlights aspects of a film I haven't considered before. He has written more than 1200 reviews and his knowledge of cinema is extensive and prolific. He doesn't get nearly as much recognition for his writing as he should. 

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  • Il Sorpasso

    Il Sorpasso


    David almost frightens me with his intellect and knowledgeability. I wouldn't be able to choose one best review of his because he consistently surprises me. He provides context and background for all the movies he watches. He is also THE expert on queer cinema. It feels like an honor to read David's reviews day by day. He is a much better writer than any of us here - and that is an understatement still.