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  • Armageddon





    SO MUCH FUN. Not well written, not a masterpiece, acting is meh, BUT IT IS SO MUCH FUN.

    I first saw this as an eight year old after the Columbia space shuttle disaster in 2003, which was really upsetting for me. I loved space, and obsessively followed everything NASA-related. I even had a NASA jumpsuit I wore to school (watch out gentlemen). Columbia's disintegration was more of a childhood-crushing…

  • Moonstruck



    A romantic comedy less about sexual love, more about familial love, it's sweet without being corny. The screenplay, written by the writer of Doubt, is fresh and profound (without trying to be profound) 26 years later. Ironically, neither the director nor the producer nor the screenwriter are Italian. It's really just about family.

    Nic Cage gives his best performance, Cher is shockingly good, and Olympia Dukakis is a gem.

    Moonstruck is my favorite comfort-food Snuggie-wearing movie, but it's not a guilty pleasure; I don't know why I always see Moonstruck in the bargain-movie bin as it's a genuinely good movie.

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  • WALL·E



    I cry every single time I watch Wall-e. The truest love story of the past 25 years, Wall-E shines with minimal dialogue and instead relies on genuine, heartbreakingly sweet gestures and detailed, expressive sound design. Pixar's best ever, and my all time favorite movie. The anecdote for edgy, 'witty', cerebral love stories that talk too much and know too little and leave you feeling needlessly jaded.

  • The Heat

    The Heat


    Going in to see The Heat, I knew I would like it. It passes the Bechdel test with flying colors while incorporating copious amounts of ass kicking and explosions, two of my favorite things that usually don't overlap. McCarthy is, per usual, pants-wettingly hilarious, and Bullock is unexpectedly funny and spot on in her role. While I am sold on a genuinely funny female buddy comedy/ action movie, there are a few ways in which the film fell short. There…