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  • A Man Escaped

    A Man Escaped


    One of the most beautiful films ever made.

  • Roma



    It's conforting to know that there are working filmmakers with such an honest belief in the set-piece as Cuarón has. He is undoubtedly capable of turning sequences into experiences, even if he does that by adding loads of ingredients, or stimuli, into the mix; expect cuts, of course, since editing is still the only part of film expression he doesn't seem to be interested in, even if the scene introducing the father (and the Galaxy) proves that he's way capable…

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  • Desperate Journey

    Desperate Journey


    War-adventure film which, in a non-stop fashion, show the ability that Hollywood technicians in general, and Raoul Walsh in particular, had to represent action on screen. Not very famous, maybe because its unsophisticated development (and certain mean-spiritedness in the depiction of the enemy, but after all, it's the war), it deserves a better recognition on account of its swift, unadultered narration, and the excellent technique in some of its sequences.
    I thought as I was watching it that some of…

  • Humanity and Paper Balloons

    Humanity and Paper Balloons


    It plays in many levels. The depiction of a small group of poor people that tries to enjoy little pleasures once in a while is great, and how it works with the symbolic insignificant triumphs of Unno and Shinza. You can also watch it to take pleasure in looking at narrow streets filled with details and hear raindrops falling from roofs.