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  • Scoob!



    What happining gay queers? Larry back and better then ever befoure!! I hits you guy today with new and improve revue of Scoobie Doobie moobie! So hear is a moovie that real good and make me lose my marble because I relley want shag shaggy. And of coarse this moovie is the best I see so far ever! Onestly probabley the best scoobie doobie doobie moobie becuse the hole gang is hear. You got Velma, who nerdey but also give…

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    Greetings, imbeciles. My title is Boris, and Larry is presently traveling to an alternative living space at the moment. We are both familiar with Timmy in view of the fact that we both had quintessential copulation with him. Larry catechized me as to if I may perchance pen a film evaluation for him. I dare not speak from a negative tongue, so of course I merrily announced a smooth “very well”. 

    Daguerreotype of a Gentlewoman Ignited is a magisterial picture. One…

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  • Dolittle



    Why they call movie DoLITTLE?!?! They should calls this won DoLOT becuse this movie do LOT for me??!!! Animal is my favrite speces so this moovie so ASOME!!!! Robber Down Sr. so good in this won! This where Iron Man go win he die I gess? Shore why not!!! My favrite part of HOLE moovie is part dragon fart in Robber face. I laff so hard I fart too!! (And poop a little) Honestly best movie possible if you asks me!

  • The Shining

    The Shining


    I watch this in prepare for new movie Dr. Asleep. It my anticipate movie of the WHOLE year!!! All I can say is, this movie is sucks massive balls, and not in a good gay way like with me and Timmy. I mean in bad straight way like how ugly girl from Hottie and Nottie (the Nottie!!!) would suck a ball, nasty is the word for that one am I right!?!? Stan Lee can’t even direct movie at all!!! Like…