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  • Film Geek

    Film Geek


    Watching “Film Geek” I felt like I had died and someone else’s life was flashing before my eyes.  I so identified with what I was seeing - even though I  grew up in Indiana not New York City. But maybe all film nerds have the same origin story.  I had similar feelings when I read Quentin’s book Cinema Speculation… Both tell very specific stories of growing up using almost exclusively the movies of our generation. The premise being that the movies…

  • The Day of the Dolphin

    The Day of the Dolphin


    Damn, am I the only one who loves this? Sure it’s more like “Capricorn One” than a Mike Nichols film - but is that a bad thing?

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  • Burn!



    Brando was on the record as saying he thought this was one of his finest performances… the film work that he was the most proud of. Pontecurvo was coming off the enormous critical success of his last film "The Battle of Algiers” - Oscar Nominated for best director, best screenplay… Algiers is a brilliant film that shook up the world by combining documentary technique, political ideas, and gripping dramatic storytelling. I think Burn is even better. It took things one…

  • I Love My Wife

    I Love My Wife

    Is there any genre that has aged worse than late 60s early 70s studio sex comedies? Caught between old Hollywood and the new freedom they come across like smutty episodes of Love American Style. This is a film that has been on my wish list forever - I worship Gould and love Mel Stuart. Willy Wonka and Wattstax are masterpieces. But this falls flat. What was hip masculinity back in the day now seems piggish... although by the end of…