Light from Light ★★★

Light From Light is a quiet, intimate ghost story, in which there may not, in fact, be a ghost. The movie centers on the relationship between a paranormal investigator named Shelia (Marin Ireland) and a grieving widower (Jim Gaffigan) who believes his late wife may be haunting his creaky farmhouse. Writer-director Paul Harrill stages a gripping early investigation sequence—in which Shelia wanders the home alone at night, asking any supernatural presence to make itself known—but otherwise the film largely consists of long conversation scenes that verge on the inert. (Gaffigan, who came to fame as a stand-up comedian, nearly equates seriousness with lifelessness.) Like A Ghost Story, though with less aplomb, Light From Light is less interested in things that go bump in the night than in things that trouble a grieving heart.