Some Came Running

Some Came Running ★★★½

Thank goodness this movie has Shirley MacLaine. Her Ginnie is hardly a paragon of feminism, considering she initially follows Frank Sinatra's Dave around like a puppy dog. (This is emphasized by the stuffed-animal handbag she carries, which just might be the saddest purse in cinema history.) But Ginnie has a spark all her own, independent of the men circling her. I love how she chows down on a burger early on, or later giddily sashays her way into a nightclub act. It’s her willful joie de vivre that charms Dave, and eventually the tiny glimmer of good we see in him begins to bloom whenever Ginnie is around. More importantly, when he falls back into mistreating her, she calls him on it. “You really shouldn’t talk to me like that,” she insists. “I’m a human being.” And a wonderful one. (Full review here.)

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