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LarsN has written 43 reviews for films during 2019.

  • World for Ransom

    World for Ransom

    MVP Dan Duryea 23 pts, 11 rbs, 4 ast, 2 steals and a block.

  • Murder Me, Murder You

    Murder Me, Murder You

    I would happily watch Stacy Keach, Tanya Roberts, Don Stroud, Delta Burke, Tom Atkins, Michelle Phillips and Lisa Blount stare awkwardly at the ground for 95 minutes, and be grateful for the opportunity, so yeah I loved this.

  • Little Red Monkey

    Little Red Monkey

    Super good quota quickie with Richard Conte as the kind of American British people hate but grudgingly don’t. If you see THIS ending coming, you’re a seeing motherfucker.

  • The Dark Eyes of London

    The Dark Eyes of London

    Greta Gynt is awesome.

  • The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery

    The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery

    Surrealist noir comedy written by and starring former Bowery Boy Gabriel Dell. This staggered me in its purity of vision. It’s so completely on my wavelength that it’s like the result of a secret KGB biofeedback experiment. Wow do these laughs come from unexpected directions! Great scenes from Barbara Harris and Will Geer especially, but really everyone is great. What a complete surprise. A joy of a film that I will revisit for the rest of my life.

    For fans of SON OF BLOB, EVIL ROY SLADE, FULL MOON HIGH. Yeah, it’s on THAT level.

  • The Fantasy of Deer Warrior

    The Fantasy of Deer Warrior

    Ultimately I am pro-Erotic Fox on this one.

  • The Great Chase

    The Great Chase


  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems

    A friend said after the screening, “I’d like to think that the Safdies watched those great KG games and reverse engineered the plot from there.” One of the great epic fuckup portraits.

  • State Funeral

    State Funeral

    Me at Stalin’s funeral: “I don’t know guys, I’m seeing a lot of RED FLAGS here.” (Repeat until the joke has been widely appreciated.)

  • A Hidden Life

    A Hidden Life

    How Wide Was My Angle?

    I amused myself while watching this by imagining Malick becoming so proficient at this Malicky style that he’s now getting films like this in the can on like a 24 day schedule. “Get the wind machine over here! Have the children and the camera operator finished their coffee? Great. Chase them around the house! Can we get a sadder donkey please?!”

  • Five for Hell

    Five for Hell

    The Squad.

  • The Treasure of San Teresa

    The Treasure of San Teresa

    Hard boiled Euro-pulp with Eddie Constantine playing it straight as a put-upon noir everyman who gets involved in a cross-iron-curtain treasure hunt with lovely Dawn Addams. Christopher Lee shows up as a bad guy. This movie is a real spot-hitter for me, almost a platonic ideal of this kind of mid-low budget Eurail-trotter.