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  • A Wedding

    A Wedding


    The enjoyment I felt watching this movie was tempered a little bit by the sour thought that this kind of movie can no longer be made. Looking at this movie 37 years after it was made is like being a miserable medieval serf looking up at the Roman aqueducts. They used to know how to make them, but now we can't anymore. It's not even a movie that is routinely considered one of Altman's best, but the level of technical…

  • Darling Lili

    Darling Lili


    Note: I watched Blake Edwards' cut of the film. Really unfair that this is grouped with the generally vapid musical roadshows that "made the New Hollywood necessary" like DOCTOR DOLITTLE, PAINT YOUR WAGON, STAR! etc. Those films are dinosaurs. They don't have any of the litheness and vivacity that often make smaller musical movies work. Their size is a paralyzing factor. DARLING LILI is a big-budget film, with the leading musical star of the era, but it's no dinosaur. The…

  • Other Men's Women

    Other Men's Women


    Wow, Bill Wellman could sure make movies. I also really love Grant Withers in this, it's a pretty oddball performance. The character must have come out of his own quirks because I've never seen a guy who acted like that. Cagney is good too, natch. Note to Hollywood: I would love to see Mary Astor with longer hair at some point. Her famous sex appeal continues to elude me.