Possessor ★★★★½

So, I finally had the pleasure to watch this beauty. Brandon Cronenberg's version of a much darker Avatar combined with a couple of episodes from Black Mirror. Nah, fuck it let me do this for real. Papa Cronenberg must be proud because this is intriguingly good. It's a psychopathic's lion-like atmosphere combined with an eerie feeling of constant loneliness, a black 'n' white environment in a world where nothing has a depth. Possessor tells us a story about a corporation in the working process of shaping another human being into their little predator pet. It deals with subjects as identity crisis as well. How we somehow live our lives acting without feeling. We're doing whatever the job tells us to do so we can go home and feel completely numb, with absolute zero connection to the outside world. We're on the run from ourselves and our emotions, and we're all to blame. Vos is just a product in the corporate's eyes, and she's probably been for a very long time. An assassin in the hunt for the dollar bills for a corporation that will never lose its hunger. Brandon, thank you!

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