Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★½

"Ding-dong, the god is dead."

I'm so glad that I bought the Ultimate Edtion. I liked Batman v Superman when I saw it in theaters but I had plenty of problems. One of the problems is that the editing was messy, the scenes transitioned with bizarre effect and it was all over the place. When I saw it for the first time I had to take some time to take in what I just saw. The ultimate edition took care of those problems and the movie just felt better. The pacing was way better and it wasn't just constant insanity. This felt like a more complete movie than the version that we got in theaters. The three hours went by like nothing. 

Batfleck is one of the greatest things ever and makes Christian Bale's batman look like a complete pussy. Gal Gadot is a blessing and when she shows up as Wonder Woman it's nothing but pure glory. I also love how Jesse Eisenberg did a terrific job portraying a version of Max Landis who isn't an obnoxious dickhead. 

There were some things that still don't work here such as the terribly forced in Justice league and some scenes are still really dumb. However the pros overshadowed the cons. 
The ultimate edition isn't as good as the directors cut of Watchmen but this is the best way to watch this movie. I loved this.

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