Romeo + Juliet

Romeo + Juliet ★½

"Did my heart love 'til now? Forswear its sight. For I never saw true beauty 'til this night."

In my English Class we were reading the story of Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare, I wasn't a big fan but I didn't hate it. And usually after we finish the book in our class we end up watching the movie adaption of the book, this was the movie they showed us this time. Now let's get straight to the point, this movie is a mess, a huge mess, a colorful mess, and unintentionally funny mess, its just, a mess. At this point I really don't have a proper opinion on Baz Luhrmann as I've only watched two of his films, this and The Great Gatsby and how the two ranged in quality, now I'm not saying that Gatsby is flawless, in fact I just liked it but Baz Luhrmanns direction worked for that movie to express how huge the parties were and the glamour and lifestyles of these people, it worked there but holy hell here it didn't. Baz Luhrmanns direction is just so bizarre and weird, there's a few scenes where Luhrmanns colorful direction works such as the party scene but other scenes that make no sense whatsoever, the worst example is the opening gunfight which felt like a scene from Bad Boys 2 (a much better movie) mixed with a cartoon where nothing makes sense. This movie, at the very least needed some good on screen leads and while they picked a couple of talented actors, what they're given is just bad. Leonardo DiCaprio is a fantastic actor but holy shit his performance just feels like one of those edgy teenage tumbr users and the same can be applied to Claire Danes as Juliet. These actors have zero chemistry and they're the title characters of the film so that sucks. Also, just a reminder that in the book they're 13 so the fact that there's a scene that has them making out is just uncomfortable. I actually like John Leguizamo but here his performance is just hilariously bad as well. But the worst performance in this movie by far is Paul Sorvino, his performance is so hilariously awful that I couldn't wait to see him come back. Adapting William Shakespeares work into a modern time is a hard task but it has worked in Ralph Fiennes adaption of Coriolanus but here it's just stupid. Not a single character feels real or human and it constantly bugged me when they would call their guns swords. It just didn't work and the actors chew the scenes so badly with the dialogue. The movies pacing is so bizarre with some scenes that go by like nothing and others that refused to end. Something that also bugged me was the editing, there's scenes in this movie that feel like they're ripped straight out of a cartoon. With all of my complaining I still want to say that I had a good time with this movie because of how much I was making fun of it and how hilariously bad it is. This movie is an immensely enjoyable mess of a film that completely misses the point of the story.

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