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  • A Man There Was

    A Man There Was


    Man versus the sea is such a powerful concept. With A Man There Was, Victor Sjöström has crafted not only a great story but a series of stunning images.

    Sjöström himself plays the leading part as Terje Vigen in this tale which originates from an Ibsen poem, and Sjöström's acting is any bit as good as his directing. When the two are combined - like when a troubled Terje Vigen is looking out towards the incoming waves - the film reaches a level of poetic beauty that's equal to its source material.

    Yet another great outing from Sjöström.

  • He Who Gets Slapped

    He Who Gets Slapped


    My first venture into the filmography of the Swedish master, Victor Sjöström and I'm simply blown away. It's a relatively small film: It's got few, simplistic sets and a short runtime of just 72 minutes. But the story! Oh, but the performances! And lest we forget the incredible visual effects!

    The portrayal of tragedy in silent films is something to behold. Be it a tragic love affair, the loss of innocence, or a life once full now shattered, it's a…