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The movie Nope by Jordan Peele while is meant to be an alien movie, goes further than that. This movie discusses how people view wild animals. Peele uses Gordy’s plot line to show us what can happen when we treat wild animals with zero respect. We see this in real life with the owner of Travis the chimp. Owner Sandra Herold didn’t see Travis as a wild animal and instead a pet. It wasn’t long after when Travis’ animal instincts kicked in where he viciously attacked Charla Nash. Not only is this shown with Gordy’s plot line, we see this with Jupiters Claim. Ricky and his family used the alien as their main attraction but treated this creature with no respect or realizing this creature could not be tamed. It wasn’t until the fateful incident that took Ricky’s family, the 40 guest, and himself. The only people in this film who actually see that the animals they work with are wild, and treat them with respect, was Oj and Em. I was truly on the edge of my seat during this movie and had a great experience watching this in an IMAX theaters with my boyfriend.This movie does a great job showing the viewer that yes we can work with animals but you need to remember that it is still a wild animal and should be treated with the upmost respect.

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