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  • Transit



    I didn't expect to be floored by this.

    First, cinematography or art design or whatever you want to call it is so subtly eye pleasing because it's so fluid and just ugh. It's at once "period" and "contemporary" and it really highlights the purgatorial world that this film explores. I mean, the boldness of depicting a fascist state in a contemporary setting without mentioning the obvious recall to history is just amazing; times may have changed, but history repeats itself.…

  • Parasite



    What a phenomenal film.

    We’re blessed to have not one (Once Upon a Hollywood) but at least two masterpieces this year. This was so funny, so tragic, so perfect, so original in every way imaginable. I was floored by how perceptive its commentary was and yet so thoroughly entertained.

    This took all the hints of "social commentary" and class politics that were present in The Host and OTT way in Snowpiercer and masterfully weave it into an original, piercingly…

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  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    This was not only a sprawling, ambitious, meticulous canvas of the late 60s, but a heartfelt love letter to film from an obvious film lover. I had a conversation with a friend who was mild on it because it lacked the typical Tarantino-ness (the hip dialogue, the references, a longing for the old, etc etc), which baffled me because this was perhaps his most Tarantino yet! It was a total embodiment of all the tropes and ideas from his past…

  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    I fully went in expecting this to be another well-meaning, but condescending film featuring ¡Asian(various)! actors. Not only did it subvert every melodramatic trope there is, this was the first time, I think, that truly touched upon what it means to struggle between Asian/American identities. I loved that it showed the validity and respected a culture’s norm, instead of preaching about why Western ideas are always great. That final shot of Nai Nai broke me; I know most of us in the theater were sobbing. Let us now forget the abomination that is “Crazy Rich Asians” ever happened.