Parasite ★★★★★

What a phenomenal film.

We’re blessed to have not one (Once Upon a Hollywood) but at least two masterpieces this year. This was so funny, so tragic, so perfect, so original in every way imaginable. I was floored by how perceptive its commentary was and yet so thoroughly entertained.

This took all the hints of "social commentary" and class politics that were present in The Host and OTT way in Snowpiercer and masterfully weave it into an original, piercingly perceptive critique of capitalism and its victims. It works as a comedy; it works as a thriller; it works as a tragedy; it works as a political statement; it works as a magic realism. Ugh, a masterpiece. It's a rare film that managed to provoke as well as entertain, because it subverted my expectations regarding all of the aforementioned genres and managed to be as funny as it was biting. It's also kinda an absurdist parody of tragique family dramas like Shoplifters, where the central poverty stricken family isn't wallowing in extreme sadness or some uber secret (well, not at first...). The garden party scene was the entire thesis behind Snowpiercer. Loooooooved it. This could so be a double feature with BURNING, and strangely JOKER too. I feel like the social critique here goes even further than Joker’s into an ending that’s sadder, truer, and more realistic. It’s as cynical as it is emotional. 

The Palm d’Or was so well-deserved and hopefully many, many Oscar wins and nominations. Like, it’s so good that even the Marvel normies will probably like it. 😍😍😍😍😍