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  • Bleed for This

    Bleed for This


    In 1987, Rhode Island boxer Vincenzo “Vinny” Pazienza – also known as The Pazmanian Devil – won the IBF Lightweight Championship of the World in his home town of Providence. As he got physically bigger he began struggling to make the weights but, following three defeats for world titles in the Light Welterweight division, Vinny finally became a two-weight champion in 1991 having stepped up a couple of divisions to beat Gilbert Dele for the WBA Light Middleweight World title,…

  • It's Not My Fault and I Don't Care Anyway

    It's Not My Fault and I Don't Care Anyway


    Patrick Spencer (Alan Thicke) is a self-help guru, and a very rich and successful one at that, advocating a philosophy of “Me First” selfishness which, in the Twitter/Selfie age, would no doubt go down a storm. His daughter Diana (relative newcomer Leah Doz) is a recovering drug addict presently receiving treatment in therapy for sex addiction. Brian Calhoun (Quinton Aaron, best known as “Big” Mike Oher from the Oscar-winning The Blind Side) – also known as “Giant Man” – is…

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  • Dredd



    About a million years ago (1980-85ish), when I was a boy, I bought a comic each and every week called 2000AD. And I loved it. I mean, properly LOVED it. The flagship strip in this publication was (and all these years later, remains) Judge Dredd. The titular lead character (his name, a play on that of novelty UK ska/reggae artist Judge Dread - who himself lifted the moniker from a Prince Buster tune - although there any similarity ends, absolutely)…

  • Chronicle



    Awkward loner Andrew (Dane DeHaan, soon to appear as Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2) is invited by his more affable cousin Matt (Alex Russell, Bait, Carrie) to go to a party, to help cheer him up. Andrew has problems at home; his mother is dying of cancer, the cost of her medication has become prohibitive, and his dad is an abusive drunk. Andrew brings with him the bulky old video camera he's been using of late to document...…