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  • A Girl at My Door

    A Girl at My Door


    Young-nam (Doona Bae) is a South Korean police Captain, freshly arrived at her new station amongst a small, close-knit fishing community on the southern shores of Yeosu and in total contrast to her previous post in Seoul. She didn’t apply to be stationed out in the sticks; in the wake of an internal investigation (about what exactly, we are not informed, although clues to what might have happened present themselves along the way); Young-nam has found herself removed to this…

  • The Cloverfield Paradox

    The Cloverfield Paradox


    Earth, in the not-too-distant future. Mankind's energy resources are becoming so overstretched and/or depleted that, if we can't come up with a new, sustainable means with which to power our hyperconnected existences, we'll be plunged quick-smart into a new dark age.

    Well, the global scientific community seem to think there's a solution to be had among the atom-smashing experiments undertaken at the Hadron collider. If their scientific jiggery-pokery pays off, there'll be unlimited power for everyone. If it goes wrong...…

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  • Dredd



    About a million years ago (1980-85ish), when I was a boy, I bought a comic each and every week called 2000AD. And I loved it. I mean, properly LOVED it. The flagship strip in this publication was (and all these years later, remains) Judge Dredd. The titular lead character (his name, a play on that of novelty UK ska/reggae artist Judge Dread - who himself lifted the moniker from a Prince Buster tune - although there any similarity ends, absolutely)…

  • Chronicle



    Awkward loner Andrew (Dane DeHaan, soon to appear as Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2) is invited by his more affable cousin Matt (Alex Russell, Bait, Carrie) to go to a party, to help cheer him up. Andrew has problems at home; his mother is dying of cancer, the cost of her medication has become prohibitive, and his dad is an abusive drunk. Andrew brings with him the bulky old video camera he's been using of late to document...…