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  • Shaft's Big Score!

    Shaft's Big Score!


    The year was 1972 and MGM dives right in to producing more Shaft, Gordon Parks and Richard Roundtree are back for more.

    Shaft’s fuck session is interrupted by a Call from his old friend Cal Ashby. After a 20 minute driving session to the new Shaft music he arrives at Cal’s to find a bomb went off, and oops all the money's gone. Why did it take 20 minutes, was the intro in real time?

    No Issac Hayes? That's gonna…

  • Catwoman



    As far as I'm concerned this is the only Puurr-fect superhero movie. Destine for cult status by the end of this decade.

    People often dismiss this as a bad movie but it is exactly how a superhero movie should be made. This thing is infinitely more watchable than Batman Vs Superman. This is pure art.

    - Origin story explained in the opening credits. Great always do that.

    - Director "Pitof" read the first paragraph of the Wikipedia went "Cat. Woman.…

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  • Never on Tuesday

    Never on Tuesday

    Save yourself some time and watch the one minute clip of Nic Cage in this movie in a prosthetic nose and long blonde wig doing what seems to be an Emo Phillips impression.

  • Fire Birds

    Fire Birds


    Starting a movie with a George Bush Sr. quote is exactly how I like my war propaganda. I really like the way Tommy Lee Jones says "he-low-copter". Whoever made this is very into helicopters, how they move, what their body looks like, the way the light shine off of them, at one point Nic Cage proclaims he "wants to marry the helicopter". It's not as good as Top Gun, but Nic Cage is arguably as good as Tom Cruise, the…

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  • Arrival



    The ghosts of Stanley Kubrick and Michael Crichton have inhabited Denis Villeneuve's body.

  • Titanic



    Watched this for the first time as GOD intended, on two VHS tapes.