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  • Catwoman



    As far as I'm concerned this is the only Puurr-fect superhero movie. Destine for cult status by the end of this decade.

    People often dismiss this as a bad movie but it is exactly how a superhero movie should be made. This thing is infinitely more watchable than Batman Vs Superman. This is pure art.

    - Origin story explained in the opening credits. Great always do that.

    - Director "Pitof" read the first paragraph of the Wikipedia went "Cat. Woman.…

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    This screening was sold out. Where were all these people 4 weeks ago?

    What in the fuck was going on with this movie, could Disney not afford a lighting rig? I couldn't even fucking see their faces. Show those dice 15 times, I need to be reminded of how horrific Last Jedi is to soften the blow of this horseshit. Lando was perfect, a bonus star for DonG Lovers amazing portrayal. Alden Ehrenreich has apparently never acted before. Seemingly no…

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  • D.O.A.



    This is that Noir that I love, an insane plot about a man being poisoned and trying to find out who and why before he dies. Visually it's not the most stunning of the genre, nor is the acting that great, but it's so fun the follow along with the plotline.

  • Hotel Artemis

    Hotel Artemis

    I'm no producer, but a movie that just steals the idea of the assassin safe haven hotel/hospital from John Wick. Then never has any assassin's killing each other, they just sit around and talk. That seems like a bad idea. Even filled to the brim with famous people I'm struggling to remember anything about it and I only watched 12 hours ago.

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  • Arrival



    The ghosts of Stanley Kubrick and Michael Crichton have inhabited Denis Villeneuve's body.

  • Titanic



    Watched this for the first time as GOD intended, on two VHS tapes.