Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

First act plays like a comedy, with snappy dialogue and quick, ironic edits, pretty much solely to make Ben Affleck's character look like a complete assclown; second act plays like a mystery, where - if you haven't read the book already - many great clues are present regarding the answer to said mystery; the third and final act basically just proves that Gillian Flynn - and even Fincher, too - is a misanthropist.

I know that Fincher is all about adapting stories, but the irony of the fact that he went from directing the pro-feminist "THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO" to "GONE GIRL" is incredible, even dumbfounding. Furthermore, I would be afraid to watch "GONE GIRL" with a true feminist because there's no getting around the fact that everything about this story is anti-feminist.

Oh, and Ben Affleck: you're a great director, but continue to take roles in movies being directed by great directors like David Fincher (but maybe not Terrance Malick again...). Also, I'm not even sure if she can act just yet, but someone - ¡ANYONE! - write a movie for Miss Emily Ratajkowski. She's an incredible presence onscreen, impossible to take your eyes off of. Maybe Jean Luc-Godard? (I'm probably going too far with that suggestion...)

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