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  • In This Corner of the World

    In This Corner of the World


    Sometimes-beguiling Japanese anime drama that is set at the tail end of World War II. The film looks at daily life during wartime and American bombing raids through the eyes of a young Japanese woman, and it contrasts the traditional and natural world she inhabits with the destruction and chaos that results from the attacks. The focus lies mainly on the port town of Kure, though the narrative is also concerned with Hiroshima and the devastation there; the film shies…

  • Tramontane



    A well acted drama about a blind Lebanese musician who discovers that the truth about his birth and his early life have been hidden from him. He subsequently goes on a journey of discovery across Lebanon, and there is seemingly a metaphor being used with regards to the country’s own national identity and history. I’m afraid that I started to tire of the story at a fairly early stage, and so the series of conversations he has that reveal a…

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  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    Emotionally stirring, striking and heartfelt. I'd have given this five stars but have knocked half off for the awkward, jolting, shoehorned-in Will Oldham monologue (which, to his credit, he does deliver skilfully); it does set up the third act, but I wish the ghost of Casey Affleck had thrown a plate at him 30 seconds in.

  • Triumph of the Will

    Triumph of the Will


    Had to watch it again. I think the neighbours are starting to get worried.