Vampire in Brooklyn ★★★★½

"Vampire in Brooklyn" was a box office flop. Critics couldn't stand it and audiences seemed confused. Was it a horror or a comedy? Did Wes Craven attempt to make his own version of "Blacula"?

This is still a difficult movie for people to process, but it's one that I truly love. It has its moments of humor and was penned by Eddie Murphy's brother, Charlie Murphy. It rarely dives into what I would consider horror, but instead closes in on eerie and post-gothic.

Full Disclosure: This film is just Bram Stoker's story "Dracula", but with an African American spin. That said, it's just beyond me as to why people are so ready to dismiss this film when "Dracula" continues to appeal and delight. A boat arrives in America. The crew are all corpses. A vampire takes a human as his ghoul/servant while searching for a woman he loves. This is really just "Dracula", people.

The ensemble cast of Eddie Murphy, Angela Bassett, and John Witherspoon brought the right star power to this film. The plot was a fantastic adaptation of time-tested tale. The director was one of the legends of horror cinema. What went wrong? According to Eddie Murphy, it was the wig, but if you ask me, it's that Blaxploitation is a difficult pill to swallow for most people.