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  • The Twilight Saga: Midnight Sun

    The Twilight Saga: Midnight Sun

    I'm pretty sure Robert Pattinson would rather get fucked in the eye socket.

  • Light from Light

    Light from Light


    I had to see this, not only because Marin Ireland is one of the most underused and underrated actresses out there, but because it's another example of Jim Gaffigan's dramatic work (seriously, look into it).

    In one way it reminded me of the late Lynn Shelton's Sword of Trust, in that the most important chunk of the film is a monologue a little after the mid-point of the film. In this case there are two monologues illustrating what the leads…

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  • Indiana Jones 5

    Indiana Jones 5

    I'll only watch this if Werner Herzog directs a contractually obligated, frustrated and angry Shia LaBeouf at gunpoint.

  • Tread



    It's quintessentially American when there's a story about an angry, entitled white dude who is "ordered by God" to build a death tank and wreck havoc on a small town- including an old lady's house and a library filled with small children- and people are like, "He's a hero and a patriot."

    Dude, he wanted to blow up an entire neighborhood by shooting up a yard full of propane tanks. Over a zoning dispute.