Ms .45

Ms .45 ★★★★½

fuck it up, Thana. 
Our Sister
of radical retribution;
of abrasive justice;
of valid madness. 

let it be known and appall everyone that I skipped the first fifteen minutes of this so I did not have to watch the assaults. it was the most glorious, purposely self-indulgent treat. spare me that we have to see these scenes to understand Thana’s descent, as if basically all of us aren’t already familiar in one way or another with predatory scumbag nightmares. with the happenings and structures that allow for this type of thing to be commonplace, with even the smaller moments throughout this that remind us about the world we live in. I wasn’t in any type of mood, especially after checking out PYW, I just wanted to watch Her exact revenge. 

and isn’t She lovely, isn’t She incomparable? working Her way though those atmospheric New York City streets, outfits on point like She’s ruling the damn place, on a righteous mission to take out men. a tragic delight, with visuals and a score as mesmerizing as our lead.

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