The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★½

"This wild tonal mishmash undercuts the fun. When the film has the opportunity to turn tragedy into a vague sense of triumph, it turns it into more tragedy and keeps everything chugging along for half an hour so the handsome white male hero can save the day. Doing so in Pirates was more or less a victimless crime (though they have their own mild issues of representation), but here it feels like flippant exploitation of tragic history for the sake of stupid, rollicking fun.

That’s not to say the film misrepresents who is at fault, in most cases. But in this day and age filmmakers ought to be more cognisant of what they’re dealing with and why they might be dealing with it. If you’re not going to explore the implications of white erasure of Native American culture, why include it in your plot? Why not have Tonto be played by an actor who is culturally Native American instead of one of Hollywood’s most bankable, recognisably (if not literally) white stars? It’s cheap, tacky, and vulgar."

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