Annette ★★★★½

it started off strong with the opening song, then it got slightly boring with a few really good moments throughout (mainly towards the end) . i liked marion’s voice, adam’s character pretend boxing before his shows, the shot of the screaming coyote, the sparks cameos and other humorous moments.

i really enjoyed simon helberg’s solo moment, he was a surprisingly convincing composer (side note: can we have some commotion for his hair?? props to the hair stylist)

some of the songs were really beautiful and exciting but there were times where the characters were just singing words which i find a lil bit annoying but that’s just me. 

i wish someone could just explain to me the thought process and meaning behind creative decisions bc i’m too dumb to get it on my own. i really hope other people loved this though, it’s so unique and pretty in its own way :)

p.s i absolutely detest stand up so seeing a comic depicted as a self-absorbed somewhat villain is kinda satisfying ngl

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