A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story ★★★½

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1) Definitely of its time and with some mild racism thanks to Bob Clark, but I can see why so many people (namely Americans) love this one. 

2) Whilst we’re on the subject, Americans may be quite shocked to hear that this film just isn’t really a thing over here in Europe. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d never even heard of it until I joined Letterboxd. Why am I telling you this? Well, it just feels like one of those movies that if you don’t have the nostalgia for it, it doesn’t quite make the same impact. Whilst it’s still enjoyable, it’s nothing mind blowing. 

3) What charmed and surprised me was how much I warmed to Peter Billingsley in the lead role. Not only does he have huge levels of charisma for a 10-11 year old, but his cheeky face and his grasp of the script is extremely commendable for one so you. Mostly though, I loved the casting choices for Ralphie’s parents in this one, both of whom made me chuckle several times throughout. The scene with the broken lamp? Brilliant. 

4) A Christmas Story doesn’t have a huge amount of storyline despite its title; it is basically about a kid who wants a BB a gun for Christmas. However, the use of voiceover here is the best I’ve seen since Goodfellas, and the choice to show us this movie from a child’s perspective could not feel more Christmassy. (Yes, I know it’s November 10th!)

5) On the whole, this movie is just not a classic in our house, so it’s difficult not to be biased when reviewing it. Regardless, it flew by and was mostly a an enjoyable watch. I’m glad I’ve seen it now.

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